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Electrical Engineering


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We provide a comprehensive range of services in the field of Electrical Engineering, essential for the safe, efficient, and reliable distribution and use of electrical power in  commercial and industrial projects. The key activities include:


  • Load Demand Calculations: We provide a detailed analysis to determine the total electrical power requirements of buildings or facilities, ensuring that the electrical system can adequately meet the power needs of all components under varying usage conditions.

  • Cable Sizing: We specialize in selecting the appropriate cable sizes for electrical systems. This is a crucial task that depends on the load demand, cable run lengths, and environmental factors, ensuring safe operation and energy efficiency.

  • Voltage Drop Calculations: We calculate voltage drops over cable runs to guarantee that electrical equipment receives sufficient voltage. This is vital for maintaining the reliability and efficiency of the electrical system.

  • Electrical Load Schedules: We provide a detailed account of the electrical load from each system component. This is integral for the design and balance of the electrical distribution system and for equipment selection.

  • Short Circuit Calculations: We conduct these calculations to ascertain the prospective short circuit current, which is essential for choosing appropriate electrical components like circuit breakers and fuses capable of safely interrupting this current.

  • Detailed Design Calculations for Various Electrical Systems: We engage in extensive calculations necessary for designing various electrical systems, including power distribution, lighting, grounding, and protection systems. These calculations are pivotal for ensuring safety compliance and operational efficiency.


Element 29's role in Electrical Engineering is to ensure that all electrical systems are precisely tailored to meet the specific requirements of each project, adhering to the highest safety standards and regulations. This involves a sophisticated blend of technical expertise, practical implementation, and thorough planning, highlighting their commitment to delivering safe, reliable, and efficient electrical solutions.

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