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2024 Engineering Services Rate Sheet
(Effective 10/1/2023)

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Straight Time/Hour (ST/H)
Overtime/Hour (O/H)
Holiday/H (H/H)

I&C Assistant: ST/H: $70 | O/H: $105 | H/H: $140
I&C Specialist: ST/H: $92 | O/H: $138 | H/H: $184
I&C Senior Specialist: ST/H: $108 | O/H: $162 | H/H: $216
I&C Senior Engineer: ST/H: $145 | O/H: $218 | H/H: $290
I&C Manager: ST/H: $178 | O/H: $267 | H/H: $356
Administrative: ST/H: $55 | O/H: $82 | H/H: $110
Prioject Manager: ST/H: $135 | O/H: $202 | H/H: $270


Overtime rates will be charged for hours worked more than 8 hours per day (5 days per week, Monday through Friday). Saturdays and Sundays are also billed at the Overtime rate. National Holidays and Insight Holidays are invoiced at the Holiday rate. Travel time shall be billed at the corresponding Rate. 


Mileage for driving: (Standard Government Rate) Airfares: will be billed at cost + 10%. 

Meals & incidentals: (Standard Government Rate) 

Hotel: billed at cost + 10%. Hampton, Holiday Inn Express, or similar hotels will be used when possible. 


Material Purchases are invoiced at cost plus 20%. Hourly rates do not include consumable materials. Shipping will be prepaid & added. 

Tools & Equipment 

Normal technician tools are included. Special test equipment that may be required will be rented and billed at cost. 

Invoicing & Payment 

All invoices will include receipts for cost or cost-plus items, timesheets, and copies of expense reports. Invoices are due within 7 working days. Payment can be made with a company check or most major credit cards. 

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