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Civil Engineering


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Showcasing its expertise in Civil & Structural Engineering, WE concentrate on designing, constructing, and maintaining both physical and naturally built environments. Our work ensures the stability, safety, and longevity of structures and infrastructural elements. Our focused areas include:

  • Developing Plot Plans: We produce detailed maps of construction sites, depicting the locations of buildings, roads, utilities, and other features in relation to site boundaries. These plans are crucial for planning new developments and obtaining building permits, ensuring every project adheres to the required standards and regulations.


  • Creating Detailed Final Drawings: Our team crafts comprehensive and precise drawing sets that provide all the necessary information for a project's construction. These drawings include detailed dimensions, materials, and construction techniques, and are meticulously aligned with relevant building codes and standards.


  • Designing Foundation Layouts: Recognizing the foundational support as a critical component of any structure, we focus on determining the appropriate type and dimensions of foundations. This process is based on soil characteristics and the structural loads, ensuring the stability and longevity of the structure.


  • Tank Lining and Waterproofing Details: Element 29 specializes in specifying materials and methods for protecting tanks and other structures from corrosion and leakage. This aspect is vital for tanks containing water, chemicals, or other potentially harmful substances, safeguarding both the structure and the environment.


  • Civil and Structural Details: We delve into the design and detailing of structural elements such as beams, columns, and slabs. This involves rigorous calculations to ensure these elements can safely bear expected loads and comply with stringent engineering standards.


  • Creating Layouts and Specifications for Various Types of Civil Elements: Our expertise extends to designing and specifying details for a wide range of civil engineering elements, including roads, bridges, drainage systems, and retaining walls. This requires a deep understanding of materials, soil mechanics, and structural principles.


At Element 29, Civil & Structural Engineering is recognized as a multifaceted field integral to the creation of safe, functional, and sustainable built environments. We engage in a meticulous process of planning, designing, and overseeing construction and maintenance, and are committed to delivering excellence in every structural and infrastructural component we handle.

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